Lincoln Gardens Primary School

Lincoln Gardens Primary School will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary on the 10th of September this year and we are seeking staff and students both past and present to contribute their memories, experiences and reflections on their time at the school as part of our celebration.

All anecdotes and stories will become part of a display to be read and enjoyed by all as we engage in a trip down memory lane and discover the progressive changes the school has gone through since its inception.

We are looking for tales about favourite teachers, funny happenings, camps, excursions, Sports Days, classrooms, uniforms, Principals—any memory, whether written or photographic is warmly welcomed and accepted! Please contact us if you would like more info.

Lincoln Gardens Primary School is a culturally diverse community. We value respect and nurture each individual, focusing on literacy, life skills and cultural awareness enabling students to strive for lifelong learning and success.

Our objective is to improve outcomes for every student, by prioritising learning to value social and emotional wellbeing. As such, there is a strong emphasis on literacy, teaching Aboriginal students and social skilling in a positive, safe environment, maintained through diligent monitoring and review of practice. Developing a positive sense of self-worth is a principle underlying all practice.

We promote participation and attendance through a diverse, interesting curriculum. Students are encouraged to represent the school and district in sporting teams and participate in the arts. We have strong links with the community. Current priorities are to improve learning outcomes in all areas of literacy, develop programs that enhance student wellbeing and personal development, increase student voice and strengthen community connections and family involvement.





Our Mission

Lincoln Gardens Primary School assists students to develop skills and understandings that will enable them to become powerful learners who contribute positively to our community and their future

High Expections

Attendance and Engagement

Quality Teaching and Learning

Literacy, Numeracy and a focus on ICT Critical & Creativity Thinking